Nutrition For Health

Some people underestimate the effect our diet has on our short and long-term health.

The old Hippocrates quote “food is medicine” is in the distant past.

However, it’s important to pay attention to our overall nutrition program to achieve good health.

These articles look at the interplay between the foods we eat and our health.

Nutrition For Health

The Importance of Good Food

Developing a healthy relationship with food can play a key role in determining our future health.

While it’s true that genes do increase or decrease our risk for certain medical conditions, our lifestyle plays a big role too.

Surprisingly, not many people realize this and we seem to have fostered a culture based on “cure” rather than prevention.

As a result, these resources look at what we can do to encourage a healthier eating pattern in various situations.


Here’s a bit more info;

13 Unhealthy Foods to Avoid: This article looks at some of the worst options in the food chain for our health. By eliminating them, we can live in better health.

The Importance of Satiety: Sadly, too many people concentrate on the energy (calorie) content of food rather than considering how satiating it is. This article takes a look at foods which encourage satiety and why they are important.

Unhealthy Ingredients in Commercial Baby Food: Sometimes mums have to do the best that they can in a given situation, and formula feeding is an option for some. However, there is a large difference in the quality of commercially available products. This guide looks at some of the best options, and how we can make some simple homemade foods too.

11 Harmful Food Additives Hiding in Processed Food: What are some of the worst additives in commercial food products? And are they really as bad as people make out? This article takes a balanced look.

The Dangers of Food Addiction: Does food addiction exist, and can it be harmful? Some people have an unhealthy relationship with food, and conditions such as binge eating disorder (BED) are on the rise. What dangers do such conditions pose? And how can we fight back if we are struggling in our relationship with food?

9 Best Nutrition Books For a Rainy Day: These books look into a range of different nutritional issues; from low carb to traditional eating, sports performance, food industry practices and whole-foods based nutrition.

Food as Medicine: Drugs definitely have their place in the modern medical system and they can often save lives. However, having a doctor who is aware of our diet’s impact on health struggles is important. This article looks into the issue of nutritional training in doctors and examines a particular case study of Dr. David Unwin.