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MichaelHi, I’m Michael Joseph. (@nutradvance)

Welcome to Nutrition Advance.

As the founder of this website, I just want to say a few words about myself, the website, our content, and our ‘trustworthy content’ policy; a commitment to create trustworthy, evidence-based information.

Firstly, a little about myself; nutrition is both my professional interest and my personal passion. I work as a nutrition educator and hold a Master’s degree in Nutrition Education. As most of my work revolves around public health and community education programs, I’ve seen first-hand how useful information presented in the right way can be.

Helping people with food and nutrition information is not about telling them what to do. It is about giving them information which they can use to make their own informed decisions. As a result, this is what this website tries to do.

We provide no health advice, nor do we tell people what to do. Instead, we provide a balanced look at food and nutrition topics, supporting all nutrition facts and claims with peer-reviewed scientific studies.

In every article, you will find numerical links to supporting studies in parentheses (1) like this. I encourage you to click through to the studies if you are looking to learn more or see evidence of the point being made.

Wherever possible, these supporting references will be to the highest quality evidence; clinical trials, randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews.

Trustworthy Content Policy

In our commitment to provide trustworthy content, we have implemented the following points;

1. From time to time, we may publish posts from guest authors providing they have appropriate expertise in nutrition or dietetics.

2. Evidence will always be provided for all nutrition facts and claims via references to peer-reviewed studies in every single article. We examine both sides of the issue.


We encourage feedback on our articles.

Is there something useful that we could add to make it more informative? Is there something you feel isn’t quite right?

Leave a comment or contact us – debate is very much welcomed.

Privacy Policy

Privacy is important – read our full privacy policy here.


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