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Skim Milk 101: Nutrition Profile, Health Benefits and Concerns

There are lots of facts and myths about skim milk.While some people claim it is lower in "harmful" saturated fat, others feel that dairy fat is perfectly healthy.People have a few valid concerns about...
A Picture Showing Lots of Foods High in Healthy Fat.

27 Whole Food Sources of Fat For a Healthy Low Carb Diet

Some people wonder which low carb foods contain "good" fats.However, all types of (natural) fat play an important biological role in our body.Rather than debate the health properties of isolated fats - whether saturated,...
Does Too Much Protein Damage the Kidneys?

Can Too Much Protein Cause Kidney Damage?

It is easy to hear claims that too much protein damages our kidneys. However, many people contend this claim and believe that higher protein intake is beneficial. Many myths and controversies exist in the field of...
A Cup of Instant Coffee Next To An Instant Coffee Jar.

Instant Coffee: Is It Good or Bad For You?

Coffee is one of the world's most popular drinks.It tastes delicious and, for most people, it is a very healthy drink.However, there are many different types of coffee, and some people claim that instant...